Enhancing the Community.. One Apartment at a Time..

Enhancing the Community.. One Apartment at a Time..

August 2, 2017

Since 2007, the average price of starter homes nationally increased by $40,000, while premium home prices increased nearly $200,000. It is becoming more difficult to find affordable housing.  Utah has a negative 34.3% difference between the number of households and housing units. The deficit in affordable housing forces people to live with family or make less desirable housing choices. The Ascent team is working with several development groups to bolster housing options in Utah including three, multifamily housing complexes totaling 700 units: Sugarmont (Sugarhouse), Bodhi (Rose Park), and The Station at Gardner Mill (West Jordan). While these developments will not solve the housing challenge, it does help provide many affordable living options. Ascent’s goal is to build your community and enhance the quality of life for people in Utah.

Check out the video below for a sneak peak of the up-and-coming Bodhi Apartment Complex!

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