Lehi Fire Station No. 83 – A Modern Fire Station with a Turn of the Century Design

Lehi Fire Station No. 83 – A Modern Fire Station with a Turn of the Century Design

July 9, 2018

High on Traverse Mountain located at 3870 North Traverse Mountain Boulevard, is the newest fire station in Lehi, Utah—Station #83. Design West and the Five Bugles Design firm from Eau Claire, WI designed a turn-of-the-century-inspired fire station for Lehi City. The two-story design takes advantage of the naturally sloped site and provides an efficient emergency response for the Traverse Mountain area. It’s hard to miss seeing the station as you drive by because of its prominence on the mountain and unique, red bay doors.

The station features large vehicle storage, high clearance garage bays, specialized equipment storage, offices, kitchen/lounge area, conference/training room, sleep rooms and training tower. The station is nearly 14,000 sf and two-stories tall. The tower on the west side of the building provides training opportunities for the firefighters as they refine their life-saving skills. As Lehi continues to grow and bigger office buildings are constructed, there is a significant need for multi-floor fire training. It is anticipated that this state-of-the-art facility will become the hub for training many of the local fire departments.

Our brave firefighters deserve to have a facility that is comfortable, functional and allows them to perform their responsibilities in the most efficient and effective manner possible. With this notable facility, Lehi City is properly equipped with a fire station and fire-fighting staff to protect lives and property in the best way possible.

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